Before you start: Should I appeal my assessment?

  • Have you used the interactive tool should I appeal my assessment?

  • We recommend you use this prior to appealing:
    • analyze whether or not you will likely have a strong case
    • decide if it is worth your time and expense to appeal
    • if you proceed, will help you prepare your case

Click here: Should I appeal my assessment?

To start your online appeal form, select your preferred option:

After we get your appeal, we will try to help you resolve it through mutual agreement.

For residential appeals we are offering you two options.

Select your preferred option:

Online Dispute Resolution
  • "Chat room" discussion during any hours
  • Online assistance to reach agreement
  • If not resolved, full rights to a decision:
    • Select your written submissions online
  • Must be comfortable with computers
  • Requires good cooperation
  • More details: Click here

Choose by clicking one option

Telephone Appeal Management Conference
  • One teleconference during business hours
  • Assistance in a teleconference to reach agreement
  • If not resolved, full rights to a decision
    • Deliver your written submissions via email, fax or mail
  • More details: Click here

Within a few weeks, the Board will confirm whether we can accommodate your preference.